January blues

18 Jan Top 10 tips to banish the January blues

January blues

This month, we say hang on to the glitz and glam of Christmas and avoid the January blues, thanks to our 10 must-try top tips!

After the hustle and bustle of December, with its countless parties and glasses of champagne, it isn’t surprising that come January, we can be feeling a little less than ordinary. The festive cheer is quickly replaced by doom and gloom, and the realisation that our usual 9 to 5 routine must resume. But this January, we say banish those blues, thanks to our top 10 tips to keep your spirits high!

Glow and go

December’s parties demanded a little effort getting ready, and it definitely paid off! Spending some time getting ready is an instant mood booster so we say keep the momentum going. This month, it’s all about keeping the glow alive. We say, turn those January blues golden, thanks to our Insanity Tan collection.

January blues

Soak up the sunshine

There’s no denying that January can be lacking a little in sunshine, which makes it even more important to catch those limited rays. Vitamin D is an instant mood booster and the best source is the sun so wrap up warm and brave the great outdoors. This month, vow to pop outside on your lunch break and soak up some well needed sunlight.

Make time for friends

No doubt during Christmas’s catch ups, you said: “We should do this more often!” so start the year as you mean to go on. This January, make time for friends. Having catch ups organised gives you something to look forward to. Whether it’s a coffee date, trip to the cinema or attending a local class, seeing friends is an easy way to make January cheery!

January blues

Switch off

Guilty of spending too much time on your phone, mindlessly scrolling though social media and sparking boredom in the process? This month, try something new. Practice an attitude of gratitude. Each day, afford yourself some time away from digital technology. Start journalling, focusing on the things you’re grateful for and list all your goals for the year ahead.

Schedule some me-time

Last year’s hygge trend is (thankfully) showing no signs of going away anytime soon. Allow the Danish obsession with cosiness into your life. Think bubble baths lined with scented candles, open fires and a good book. Doing a little of what you love every day will keep the January blues at bay.

January blues

Book a trip

An instant mood booster, banish the January blues by booking a trip. Whether it’s jetting off to warmer climes, or exploring your favouite city, knowing that you have a trip to look forward to will instantly brighten up your January.

Try a new hobby

January is the perfect time for trying something new. Whether it’s a joining an exercise class, taking up a new sport or getting crafty, get out there and try that thing you’ve always wanted!

January blues

Shake up your beauty routine

In the spirit of trying something new, this month, shake up your beauty regime. We’re probably all guilty of being stuck in a rut, creating the exact same makeup look, everyday, so branch out and try new things. Youtube is a beauty addict’s dream. Whether it’s nailing the perfect smoky eye, trying a bold bright lip, or giving contouring a go, mix it and up and keep things interesting this month.

Eat mood boosting foods

When we eat good, we feel it so kickstart your January by eating well. To banish those blues, look to natural serotonin releasing foods such as bananas, lentils, seafood, dark chocolate, egg yolks, blackberries, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds, spinach, tea, buckwheat, avocado, sour cherries and citrus fruits.

Armed with these top tips, keep your spirits high and the blues at bay this January!

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