Autumn beauty

07 Sep Get Your Autumn Beauty Glam On With Insanity Tan

Autumn beauty

With a nip in the air and days drawing longer, it’s a reminder that autumn is just around the corner. But rather than letting the post summer blues take over, here is why you should embrace autumn beauty and get your glam on with Insanity Tan.

autumn beauty

Keep the glow alive

Not ready to let go of your summer glow? We say keep the glow alive with Insanity Tan! Let’s face it, no one wants to look pale at any time of the year, and with our easy-to-use, fast acting, natural looking tans, you can enjoy a golden glow all year long. If you’re enjoying the last of your summer tan, keep it looking fresh thanks to our Gradual Tan. Or, if your summer glow is a distant memory, start over with our Bronzing Mousse, available in four shades, so you can easily find your perfect match. Make sure you choose a similar foundation shade for a flawless look from head to toe.

Autumn beauty

Embrace the season’s colour palette

There’s no denying that autumn’s nature offers a wealth of beautiful shades. Beauty mimics the season’s rich burgundies, gorgeous maroons, vibrant reds and copper hues, so update your make-up bag and get creative. With summer’s heat no longer playing havoc on our beauty routine, you can afford to get a little dramatic. Metallic eyes are the perfect partner to a golden glow, while vampy lips are the ultimate beauty fix this season. Bang on trend, opt for rich purples or deep reds to make your lips pop. Finally, finish those eyes with a feline flick, for an always winning look.

Autumn beauty 3

Keep your skin soft

With the colder weather comes an attack on our skin’s moisture to keep it well hydrated throughout the second half of the year. Our Gradual Tanning Moisture will keep your skin subtly tanned and beautifully moisturised thanks to its injection of skin-kind ingredients, such as aloe vera and white tea extract.

Autumn beauty

Polish that pops

Give your nails a little TLC and stock up on autumn’s hottest nail colour trends. Summer’s crisp whites and pastel pinks become a thing of the past as we welcome neutral polishes which darken the mood. Mushroom nudes come with a hint of purple, navy shades are so dark they could pass for black and moss greens are earthy, rather than military. Plus, the good news is that these shades look killer with a tan!

Autumn beauty

Beachy waves to bouncy curls

Move over summer waves… there’s a new curl in town! While summer was definitely all about the beachy wave, autumn’s curls get bigger and better. Full, fluffy curls are at the forefront for fall, so get those tongs at the ready and add tones of volume and sass to your style.

Armed with your fave Insanity Tan and new autumn beauty trends on board, let’s fall in love with autumn! Shop here.

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